Panteras were a great combination of Italian styling and an American Engine. In the perfect world, a perfect scenario. Manufactured by De Tomaso Automobili, Spa, in Modena Italy and mostly sold through Ford and predominantly Lincoln Mercury dealers. Although Panteras had a relatively short life span for the US of only 4 years, 1974 being the last, although a few got registered as 1975 models they did create a lasting impact. Introduced at the New York Auto Show in 1970 Ford intended to phase out the car by 1974 because of pending Federal Regulations that were to take effect. The version we have here is one of the rarest of all, being the Pantera GTS America, of which only 98 were brought in. These cars had the riveted on fender flares, a two tone paint scheme along with a large “Pantera GTS’ logo along the rocker panels as distinguishing markings. Power came from a Ford 351 Cleveland V8 producing about 270 horsepower and going through a 5-speed ZF gearbox. Top speed was about 140 mph with 0 to 60 in the 6.1 second range and the ¼ mile at about 14.5 seconds and 98 mph. This example is a nice example that has been and is ideal to be a driver. It is not a trailer queen show car that defeats the purpose of owning one, it is a car to use and be proud of. Wheels are massive and polished with 335-35-17 Michelin Pilots on the rear and 235-30-17 on the front. It has Five Point racing style seat belts as well. Finished in a Cranberry Red Metallic with a Metallic Black Grey engine cover and front hood area and a Black interior. 

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